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Industrial Hygiene

H.M. Pitt Labs offers a complete spectrum of industrial hygiene services. These services are offered to the private, industrial, commercial, medical, and maritime sectors by trained and certified professionals. Our industrial hygiene technicians are certified for lead-based paint and asbestos project monitoring, hazardous soils remediation sampling, and the sampling and monitoring of other industrial hazards. Certified Asbestos Consultants and Lead Project Monitors prepare site-specific abatement plans and oversee the removal of those materials. All of our professionals work under the guidance of a Certified Marine Chemist and American Board of Industrial Hygiene Certified Industrial Hygienist.

We offer the following services in industrial hygiene:

• Consulting

• Asbestos AHERA inspections

• Asbestos & Lead Monitoring

• California DHS Lead Inspections / Risk Assessments

• Noise Surveys, Monitoring & Investigations

• Asbestos & Lead Abatement Plans

• Asbestos Management Plans

• Site Health & Safety Plans

• Expert Witness Testimony

Other services available upon request



Lead is a toxic metal that can be found in the interior & exterior paint of many homes built before 1978. Lead can also leach into drinking water from lead pipes, copper pipes with lead solder, and brass faucets. High levels of lead have also been found in soil, a result of past emissions caused by the use of leaded gasoline.

Exposure to high levels of lead is known to cause adverse health effects in young & old alike. Infants, fetuses, and young children are especially at risk to develop health problems from lead exposure. Check the links below for more information about lead:

CDC Lead Prevention Tips

EPA- Simple Steps To Protect Your Family From Lead Hazards

At H.M. Pitt Labs we can test paint chips, soil, and water samples for lead content to help you determine the lead hazard in your home. To submit soil and paint chip samples; place a minimum of 1 gram of the material (approximately the size of a half dollar) in a zip lock bag. Label the bag with your name, address, and sample location (i.e.: bedroom #1 door jam, etc.) and deliver it to the lab with a completed Chain of Custody record and a check for the total amount due. (Click here to download Chain of Custody record)

Water samples should be submitted in any sealed glass or plastic container. A minimum of 100 mL is required for analysis. Please label the container as described above and deliver to the lab with a completed Chain of Custody record and a check for the total amount due.


Asbestos is a fibrous mineral (rock) that occurs naturally throughout the world. There are several different types of asbestos, the two most common being chrysotile and amosite. Asbestos has been added to various building materials to make them lighter, fire resistant, stronger, and cheaper. It has been identified as a potential health hazard. An effort has been made to remove asbestos containing materials from buildings in order to limit asbestos exposure in homes, workplaces, and schools. Please note that the presence of asbestos containing materials in your home does not mean you have a health hazard. For asbestos to be harmful, its fibers must become airborne in the form of a respirable (breathable) dust.

Some of the building materials in your home that might contain asbestos are:

• Floor tile

• Sheet vinyl linoleum

• Black mastic on tile or linoleum

• Acoustic "popcorn" ceiling

• Air duct paper insulation (gray in color)

• Drywall materials

• Stucco & plaster

If you are concerned about asbestos in your home you can deliver a small sample of the suspect material to the lab in a ziplock bag. Please label the bag with your name, address, and sample location (i.e.: kitchen floor). All samples submitted to the lab must also include a completed Chain of Custody record (Click here to download Chain of Custody record). Once your sample has been analyzed we will send you a report stating the results.

We also provide an air clearance test for homes in the Southern California region that have had asbestos containing materials (ACM) removed. This test certifies that the air in your home meets the AHERA accepted standard for final clearance of fibers in the air. Most contractors supply this test with their services. If you need an air clearance test, please contact the lab and we can arrange for a technician to come out to your home and run the test.

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